In 2018, the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation awarded a grant to fund research into whether school-based mindfulness programs can prevent mental health problems in adolescents.

“Given one in four Australians aged 16-24 have a mental health condition1, schools are investing millions of dollars in programs that may enhance mental health (The Australian, 9.1.17, Schools invest in ‘wellness’ centres). However, current program developers of mindfulness are “flying blind” in trying to modify the robustly successful adult curricula to youth. This research will make a world-first contribution in identifying key ingredients needed for effective youth versions of mindfulness. This will assist schools in choosing evidence based programs matched to appropriate ages.” Chief Investigator, Professor Tracey Wade, Flinders University.

On April 2, 2019, Associate Investigator, Dr Catherine Johnson, of Flinders University School of Psychology, joined mental health advocate Matt Curnow for a radio discussion hosted by FIVEaa Adelaide, The Mental Health Space with Alan Hickey and the Breakthrough Mental Health Foundation, to talk about how mindfulness can benefit anxiety.

It’s a compelling and necessary discussion, and one worth delving into. Click here to listen to the full broadcast (24mins). April 2, 2019

The Mental Health Space with Alan Hickey airs fortnightly on FIVEaa Adelaide. The Breakthrough Mental Health Foundation is striving to make mental health an everyday conversation, and is thrilled to be leading this fortnightly show on Tuesdays from 2–2.30pm on FIVEaa – sharing the latest from mental health researchers, clinicians and those with lived experiences.

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