Each year, the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation proudly partners with Healthy Development Adelaide (HDA) to provide the PhD Excellence Awards.

Through this dynamic association, the Foundation is fortunate to observe the great work HDA does in helping South Australia’s child healthy development researchers come together to meet and share their important research with the SA community.

In 2019, alone, HDA delivered:

  • 150 events, with over 18,000 registrations,
  • 28 PhD Scholars supported financially by the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation
  • Over $120,000 in conference grants for PhD students and early career researchers
  • HDA School Scholarship program, awarding $1,000 and research career mentoring to high school students (supported by the Department for Education)

However, times are changing, and to continue providing a great calendar of events, scholarship opportunities, and new initiatives, HDA needs the support of new membership subscription from South Australia’s research professionals and PhD students.

An annual HDA membership is $20 or $50 for 3 years, and provides the following benefits:

  • Access travel grants (PhD students and ECRs)
  • Access to PhD scholarships for students
  • Eligibility to apply for HDA awards
  • Attend HDA events for free
  • Build relationships with people working in areas relevant to the health and development of young children and adolescence
  • Contribute your knowledge and expertise to make a difference
  • Knowing you are supporting HDA into the future

So if you’re a research professional or PhD student based in South Australia, join HDA today to help foster its state’s multidisciplinary research, policy and practice at basic, clinical, social and population levels to enhance the healthy development and wellbeing of Australia’s future generations.


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