Outcomes of the 2020 Grant Applications will be announced by October 31, 2019.

The Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation has been supporting the researchers of South Australia for over 40 years, providing grants to improve the health, education and welfare of Australia’s children.

Today, the Foundation is especially committed to helping build knowledge and capability in the areas of children’s mental health, reducing childhood obesity, improving child protection, and understanding the impacts that social determinants have on a child’s health and development.

The Foundation has an established and proud association with Channel 7 Adelaide and some of the nation’s leading research and service organisations, which together forms its honorary Board and independent Research Committee:

As a not-for-profit incorporated association and registered charity, the Foundation aims to increase the funds it provides through investment returns from its endowment portfolio and by receiving donations from South Australia’s business and family communities.

Currently, over $1,500,000 is distributed annually to community-based studies, clinical studies and basic science projects in the fields of allied health, dentistry, education, environment, nursing, medicine, mental health, midwifery and social sciences.

Since its inception, the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation has provided grants totaling:


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