A pilot investigation of the safety, feasibility and efficacy of robotics-based rehabilitation in children and adolescents with cancer

Chief Investigator:

Dr Michael Osborn

Research Area:

Improving children’s mental health and the impact of developmental disorders
Clinical Study

Funding Amount:

$ 75,000


Women’s and Children’s Health Network


Cancer treatment is associated with significant physical deconditioning, resulting in impaired functioning, worse quality of life, fatigue and depression. Given that >80% of children with cancer will become long-term survivors, efforts to improve physical functioning are likely to have long-term benefit. Our recent research demonstrated that a structured exercise program accelerated recovery of physical fitness in adolescents and young adults post-cancer treatment. However, many patients are incapable of participating due to limb surgery or neuromuscular complications of treatment. Investigation of novel approaches, including rehabilitation robotics, is required for these young people to improve their physical functioning and quality of life.

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