Optimizing treatment adherence and supporting ongoing desensitization following peanut oral immunotherapy in children: a randomized controlled trial of daily versus weekly peanut ingestion

Chief Investigator:

Dr Billy Tao

Research Area:

Clinical Study

Funding Amount:

$ 74,843


Flinders University


Peanut allergy represents a significant health and psychological burden to children and their families. Ongoing ingestion of peanuts is necessary for the maintenance of protection after desensitization. While published data show poor adherence to regular peanut ingestion, these studies fail to provide insight on either the reason, or solution, to this important problem. We have pioneered a safe and effective sequential boiled-to-roasted peanut community-based desensitization method. Desensitized children will be followed in a world first prospective project evaluating whether weekly ingestion of peanuts is as effective as daily ingestion in maintaining desensitization, and exploring other factors influencing treatment adherence.

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