Establishing the clinical potential of sphingomimetics in children’s eczema

Chief Investigator:

Dr Kwok Ho Yip

Research Area:

Basic Science

Funding Amount:

$ 74,888


University of South Australia


Eczema is a long-term inflammatory skin disease that affects 15-30% of children in industrialised countries, leading to a considerable economic burden and reduction in quality of life. The mainstay of treatment has been topical corticosteroids, which has limited efficacy in moderate-to-severe disease and children with steroid-resistance. More importantly, steroid can lead to substantial adverse side effects in children. The objective of our proposal is to provide a scientific basis for the development of new treatment strategies using our recently developed sphingomimetics to suppress the functions of key effector immune cells (e.g. mast cells) for the treatment of eczema in children.

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