Early in life outcomes of children of mothers with child protection system involvement. What factors are protective and what factors predict poorer infant outcomes?

Chief Investigator: Professor Leonie Segal Research Area: Improving child protection and its effects. Community Based Study. Funding Amount: $99,997 Recipient: University of South Australia Overview: Child maltreatment in SA is

Neighbourhood life and social determinants of health for children and young people from refugee backgrounds

Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Anna Ziersch Research Area: Understanding the social determinants of childhood health and development. Community Based Study Funding Amount: $99,985 Recipient: Flinders University Overview: Settling into a

Thriving in adversity: disadvantaged children performing well in school

Chief Investigator: Dr Catherine Chittleborough Research Area: Improving children’s mental health and the impact of developmental disorders.Community Based Study Funding Amount: $ 72,164 Recipient: The University of Adelaide Overview: Australian Early Development

Role of refugee parents’ educational aspirations on their children’s academic outcomes

Chief Investigator: Dr Hannah Soong Research Area: Understanding the social determinants of childhood health and developmentCommunity Based Study Funding Amount: $ 33,452 Recipient: University of South Australia Overview: Evidence linking the benefits