Evaluation of ex vivo human CD4 T cell immune response against peanut allergens for a novel therapeutic peanut allergy vaccine

Chief Investigator:

Preethi Eldi (Early Career Researcher)

Research Area:

Food Allergy.

Funding Amount:



University of South Australia


Food allergy affects up-to 10% of children and in the absence of licensed therapeutics, Australia recorded the highest increase in food-induced anaphylactic reactions over the last decade. We have developed an immunotherapeutic vaccine that in authentic mouse models of peanut allergy has been shown to promote allergen desensitization. In this study, we propose complimentary ex vivo studies using cells from clinically- confirmed peanut allergic individuals to confirm the capacity of the vaccine to induce a tolerant response in human samples. This evidence of human translational potential will be a principal determinant for success in future clinical trials.

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