Thriving in adversity: disadvantaged children performing well in school

Chief Investigator: Dr Catherine Chittleborough Research Area: Improving children’s mental health and the impact of developmental disorders.Community Based Study Funding Amount: $ 72,164 Recipient: The University of Adelaide Overview: Australian Early Development

Optimizing treatment adherence and supporting ongoing desensitization following peanut oral immunotherapy in children: a randomized controlled trial of daily versus weekly peanut ingestion

Chief Investigator: Dr Billy Tao Research Area: Clinical Study Funding Amount: $ 74,843 Recipient: Flinders University Overview: Peanut allergy represents a significant health and psychological burden to children and their

Role of refugee parents’ educational aspirations on their children’s academic outcomes

Chief Investigator: Dr Hannah Soong Research Area: Understanding the social determinants of childhood health and developmentCommunity Based Study Funding Amount: $ 33,452 Recipient: University of South Australia Overview: Evidence linking the benefits

Lactation as a window of opportunity for reversing cardiometabolic programming

Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Beverly Muhlhausler Research Area: Reducing childhood obesity and its impactBasic Science Funding Amount: $ 75,000 Recipient: The University of Adelaide Overview: Being exposed to maternal high-fat and high-sugar